Core Values


Own the Cause

We are here for a reason. This is not just a job, it is a career that we have chosen, and it demands a commitment to excellence for us to truly extract a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

We do not live to work, but we don’t punch a clock either. Hard work is not something we avoid, but we always strive to work smarter. We love what we do.

We are accountable to ourselves, our teammates, and our clients. We are proactive in looking for ways to help, and we don’t leave a problem for others to solve.

We recognize that we all represent and help sell our company to our clients. We invest in ourselves to find ways to improve, adapt, and look for ways to advance ourselves and the company.

Create an Impact

We have a passion to create - solutions that serve our clients, opportunities to learn and develop, a legacy in our work and our workplace. We strive to leave a positive thumbprint behind in all we do.

We look to engage in our design community to help better our profession.
We desire to share our knowledge and provide opportunities for our staff to grow and become leaders, and we work to instill that desire in the next generation

Enjoy the Journey

We will spend approximately 40% of our awake hours working together in our careers, and we look for ways to enhance our experience together. We push each other to find our passion and to pursue it.

We dedicate time and effort to improving ourselves and our business in order to continue to create opportunities for excitement and enjoyment.

One Team

We are one team and one company spread out over multiple offices and divisions - diverse in our ideas, but unified in our goals.

We trust, respect, and challenge each other to foster an environment that allows us to create the best version of ourselves, and to create a company that is far greater than simply the sum of its parts.

We lead with grace and start with an open mind, and are willing to fight to be on the same page.

We help the team when a mistake is made - and we all make mistakes. We address conflict and recognize that is it not only unavoidable, but it is necessary and healthy for us to voice and discuss our opinions.

Secure the Future

We strive for efficiency and profitability to continue to grow and provide for our team and our families.

We are business-focused and do not forget that our work spends the project owner’s money.

We encourage everyone to look for opportunities to engage in our local communities and be a positive influence.

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