Spartanburg Courthouse

Spartanburg, SC

Spartanburg Courthouse

Spartanburg County


180,000 square feet, 6 stories

Structure Type

Steel Frame

Construction Amount

$120 Million


McMillan Pazdan Smith




Est. 2023

Britt, Peters is serving as the structural engineer for the new Spartanburg Courthouse. The building is 180,000 square feet, 6 stories, and approximately 142ft above grade at the highest point. It features secure parking in the basement for essential personnel. The building has multiple high density storage areas and high security holding cells on all floors. The public, judges, and prisoners all have separate means of egress throughout the building. The structure is steel framed with steel beams and columns. Floors are concrete filled metal decks. Lateral system is steel braced frames utilizing outrigger braces at upper levels to increase building stiffness. Exterior façade is architectural precast. The structure is designed with stringent wind drift tolerances for the exterior façade.

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