Royal Bliss Brewery

Denver, NC

Royal Bliss Brewery
Royal Bliss Mass Timber 1
Royal Bliss Mass Timber 2
Royal Bliss Mass Timber 3

Royal Bliss Brewing


6,000 SF

Structure Type

Heavy Timber and Cross Laminated Timber

Construction Amount

$2 Million


Schrader Design


Green Apple House



Royal Bliss brewery is made of heavy timber and CLT with scarf joints, blade pedestals, and concealed - webbed steel connections. The facility is two levels and has an expansive view of the brew tanks. It is the first brewery in the Denver, NC area and is a beautiful, sustainable building that wows its guests.

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Our specialty is our diversity - concrete, steel, masonry, mass timber, aluminum, bamboo...whatever is the best solution for the project is the solution we help you find and use.

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