Holland Park

Greenville, SC

Holland Park

Darryl Holland


8.5 Acres



Holland Park is a development located off Laurens Road in the City of Greenville. It is several lots that add up to 8.5 acres. Lots fronting Laurens Road were previously developed and the lots at the rear of the development are steep wooded lots. Holland Park is being developed in two phases. Phase 1 consisted of 3 building pads. Two of the pads are currently being developed for Home Team BBQ and Double Stamp Brewery with an associated beer garden. Phase 2 consists of an additional three building pads, one of which is currently slated to be a Goddard Preschool, and an adventure park at the rear of the development. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is proposed to go by this site and will be connected to Holland Park once constructed.

Phase 1 was designed in 2017 and the site work was completed in 2018. Home Team BBQ and Double Stamp Brewery are under construction and are slated to open in the Spring of 2021. Phase 2 was designed in 2020, including the Flying Rabbit Adventures. Construction of Phase 2 finished in 2021.

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