Hampton Inn & Suites

Carrboro, NC

Hampton Inn & Suites

Designing for elevated, exposed plaza level with paver system, elevated pool structure, as well as accommodating adjacent parking deck column loads


120,000 SF

Structure Type

Concrete post tensioned slab and beams on CIP columns & shear walls

Construction Amount

$10.1 million


RBA Group


Pro Construction



The 5 story hotel consists of retail and restaurant space on the ground floor, including a mezzanine structure over a portion of the floor area. The hotel occupies the upper levels of the structure. The design of the elevated plaza level required the incorporation of a pool, exterior paver system, as well as various landscaping elements for this amenity space for hotel patrons. Additionally, the check-in/drop off canopy required a curved structural steel structure that ‘cantilevers’ 40 feet off the face of the building structure.

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