Our program provides a pathway for the owner to extend the service life of their deck, which results in long-term financial savings.

PDS will contract with the construction company and monitor contractor/product warranties. Our CA contract allows the client to have one contact for the entire repair process.

Budgeting and Maintenance
PDS will plan estimated budgets for structural maintenance and carry out CA throughout the contract period.

Engineer Solutions- Bid Documents
PDS will design repair solutions, create bid documents and evaluate contractor bids for you. You hold the contract for the restoration and maintenance.

PDS will train in-house maintenance associates in non-structural preventative maintenance techniques.
Associates will be knowledgeable of deterioration conditions, thus extending the life of the parking deck.

Lighting Audit
PDS offers several options for improving the light levels within the parking deck. These options include: fixture maintenance and cleaning, group relamping, addition of fixtures, adjusting fixture height, washdown, painting and replacing fixtures.


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