Self-order kiosk & counter ADA interior remodel surveys. New technology in food service allows for self-order and requires accessible routes in the interior circulation of a store space.

Experiential Design focuses on the client experience. Drive thrus with new equipment, mobile order pick-up lanes or Side by Side additions all require 100% ADA compliance for accessible routes and connections to public sidewalks.

Turn key solutions for interior renovations to update the front counter and add the ordering kiosks. We hire the architect, structural engineer and electrical engineer and coordinate all the plans from the design team. Permitting and post construction ADA evaluations complete the process.

Major Remodel Plans include comprehensive exterior and interior work. We deliver Pre-Construction and Post Construction ADA evaluation and reports. On Major remodel projects we coordinate architectural, civil engineering and building plans and deliver to the city or county for permitting.

ADA compliant parking design and evaluations Van assessable lanes, stall widths, signage, access ramps and surface materials/conditions. ADA evaluation and report parking, walkways, ramps and public areas. Engineering design, specifications, demolition details provided for new and existing sites.


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