Calvary Chapel

Chattanooga, TN

Calvary Chapel

Two story addition to the existing church facility in Chattanooga, TN consisting of classroom space and access stairs.  The classrooms include operable partitions to provide additional flexibility to the space.

CLT panels have a host of structural and architectural benefits, including exposed structural aesthetics, air infiltration protection, negative carbon footprint and more.

CLT is factory prefabricated and shipped to the construction site in panels.

interior wall clt progressprogress interior


clt panel interior conf room

clt hallway

clt crainstairway clt

before asphalt clt building

side building clt


Calvary Chapel

Project Description

Britt, Peters acted as the CLT specialty design engineer tor this classroom addition. The structural frame was designed and constructed using Cross Laminated Timber Panels for the walls, floor, and roof. The floor and roof panels clear span the classroom spaces to interior bearing walls at the coridoors. Glulam beams are included in the framing system as well to support interior moveable partitions.


8,500 SF

Structure Type

CLT panels utilized for walls, floor, addition roof framing system.

Construction Amount

1.6 Million


Taylor Bowers

Year Completed


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