117 Tazewell Street Renovation

Norfolk, VA

Britt, Peters provided structural engineering services for the renovation of the 117 Tazewell buidling into a mixed-use office and loft apartment building.  The existing 3 story concrete and brick building was built utilizing the Kahn proprietary reinforcing system from the early 1900s (patented in 1902).  This system utilized a concrete rib system reinforced with rolled diamond shaped bars located at the bottom of the ribs.  The bars were cut to all legs of the bars to be bent upwards into the concrete ribs.

The design scope included reinforcing and remedial repairs to the concrete ribs, as well as incorporation of a new reinforced masonry elevator shaft, and infilling of portions of the existing walls.


Required assessing the capacity of an early 1900s proprietary concrete system.

Structure Type

Existing Reinforced Concrete circa early 1900s, Reinforced Concrete Masonry


Tymoff+Moss Architects

Year Completed


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