Abernathy Flats

Clemson, SC

This project includes the design of a 4-story structure comprised of three (3) stories, approximately 5,650 square foot each, of light-framed wood construction over a 2-hour rated non-combustible podium. The podium is constructed of precast hollowcore planks bearing on spray fireproofed steel beams on cast-in-place concrete columns. The lower level is surrounded by load-bearing masonry walls, half of which also retain earth at the North end of the site.

The upper system consists of pre-fabricated wood roof and floor trusses bearing on engineered wood beams and load bearing stud shear walls. A breezeway consisting of pressure-treated wood floor framing and pre-engineered stairs separate the floor plans and a CMU elevator tower, located at the west side of the breezeway. Masonry openings at the lower level consist of steel beam lintels and reinforced masonry lintels, depending on the span of the opening.

Coordination with the mechanical and fire suppression engineers included design and detailing of holes in the steel podium beams to allow pipe penetrations while maintaining floor-to-floor clearances and keeping the overall building height to match the architectural design. The unit layouts were also kept consistent amongst the elevated floors so the gravity system load path was clean and linear on the podium structure.

The design and construction schedules were consolidated greatly in order for the owner to provide usable space for the tenants by a promised date.



Tom Winkopp, LLC


22,600 SF

Structure Type

Light-framed wood construction over a 2-hour rated non-combustible podium, cast-in-place concrete co


Signature Architect


Trehel Corporation

Year Completed


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